This is how I put Benji down for his nap.

He had a short nap, and I left him alone in his crib for about 30 minutes after he woke up (showering occasionally is advisable).

Here’s what I found when I came in.


I’m guessing that all the thumping I heard may have played a role. This is the only time I wish we had a video monitor – I wish I could have seen him moving!

Yesterday he rolled over back to front for the first time. Our days of staying put are clearly numbered.

Benji’s visual acuity seems better, too: he stares at shadows and has started trying to pull the printing off our shirts.

Oh, and he’s babbling lots. Ma and ba, with all sorts of squeals, mutters, and sighs thrown in. So darn cute.

One thought on “Benji at 6 Months

  1. Who needs a big crib when you can snuggle yourself happily into a tiny corner? This boy is happy going to bed and happy waking up.

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