Oh My Cute Baby


It helps that he has this gnome hood. The absurd cuteness factor goes way up.

Benji and I walked with Daddy partway to the bus today. We do this most mornings, but today was extra-interesting.





Never a bad time for snow, even if it’s supposed to be spring.



A complete, practically pristine set of the 2003 Encyclopedia Britannica, now residing majestically in our library. I have, for a while, wanted a set of Britannicas(?) because I love books and believe in fact-checked, expert-written references. Great as Wikipedia is, I trust Encyclopedia Britannica. Plus, they look so erudite, it increases the intelligence level of the house just sitting there. Also added, but not pictured: a set of the 2005 Worldbook. I hope we can offer a good home to other such outcast tomes. Continue Reading >>


I cannot believe the amount of life that’s happened in the last 10 days — too much to attempt to catch up on in detail. So I’m going to go with a fortunately/unfortunately summary format.

Fortunately on Sunday, March 10, I did my first bike race, Mason Lake Road Race #2!
Unfortunately, I was dumb and not devious, so I wasted a lot of energy and didn’t do as well as I could have.
Fortunately I still got 9th out of 30 women in my race and I felt quite strong, so I know I can do better.
Unfortunately, a bunch of people passed me during the final sprint.
Fortunately, nobody in my race crashed and we all finished safe, sound, and rather damp (it rained at the start).
Unfortunately, I had to drive the almost two hours there by myself.
Fortunately, one of my teammates needed a ride home so I had carpool company on the way back.
Also fortunately I had an incredibly fun time and finished feeling excited to do more racing. Continue Reading >>

Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson: Six Months (or so)

Time continues to pass, and though I can hardly credit it, my… caretakers – I can no longer label the people who meet my every need jailors, even if they do hold me prisoner; and I have even begun to question that premise – have spoken recently of a 6-month anniversary. How half a year has passed, I cannot begin to comprehend. It seems just yesterday I found myself ripped from my warm, cozy, perfectly environmentally-controlled home to languish in this place.

Truth be told, I’m not even sure of that memory. It has grown so hazy, so dim, I start to wonder whether any of those before-times memories are real. And if they’re not… Continue Reading >>

What’s Up?

I just finished a book called The Price of Privilege, by Madeline Levine (here’s an article on that topic), and have moved onto one called Quiet: The Power of Introverts, by Susan Cain.

From the former, I learned that affluent parents — such as the type Ian and I are poised to become, although we’re probably on the lower end — tend to impose excessive expectations on their kids, exert intense pressure to succeed (according to the parents’ definition), and ultimately stifle and steamroll their kids. The kids try their best to please Mom and Dad until, one day, they give up. For girls, that’s reflected in the high rates of depression, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders; for dudes, it’s often more aggression, acting out, or being extremely rebellious. I had no idea, but apparently upper-middle-class kids are heavy drug users. Alcohol I’d expect, but cocaine? Seems a bit… hard core for young teens. But how do you cope with the expectation you’ll take all AP classes, maintain your 4.0 GPA, and play on Varsity soccer, basketball, and baseball, plus squeeze in some extra-curricular French and violin lessons? Continue Reading >>

Geocaching With Daddy


On Saturday we had a family excursion to find a couple of geocaches hidden near our house. Ian got an extra workout schlepping the baby…although I think Benji + backpack probably weighs less (right now) than Ian carries home in his bag after work.

Lots more stuff going on in life – biking is getting exciting, work is ramping up, Benji is rolling all over – but now I have even more to do. So maybe next post will be the comprehensive long one.