A Couple Random Pictures

Day’s Verse:
Relish life with the spouse you love
Each and every day of your precarious life.
Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange
For the hard work of staying alive.
Make the most of each one!

Ecclesiastes 9:8-9ish

Birthday Sunset
The sunset on May 23, with only a little digital enhancement. Some compensation, I suppose, for creeping another year closer to the big 3-0. That, and Ian’s

The Top of Cougar Mountain
This is the view from the very tip top of Cougar Mountain, in an as-yet-undeveloped future neighborhood. Pretty spectacular: Even with my lousy camera phone, when you zoom the picture to 100% you can make out (from left to right) the Puget Sound on the far left, Seattle (through trees), Lake Washington, Bellevue, Lake Sammamish, Factoria/Issaquah, and (through more trees, just barely) the Cascade Mountains on the far right. On a clear day, with a good camera, this view would really knock your socks off. The caveat is that it’s at the top of a 1500′ climb, with numerous 15% to 17% pitches and even more 10% to 12% pitches. It’s not trivial to get there by bike, let me tell you, but well worth it when you get to the top. Continue Reading >>

Cougar Mountain Hill Ride

Day’s Verse:
You have anointed my head with oil;
My cup overflows.
Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Psalm 23:6-ish

I haven’t mentioned my bicycling lately because by and large it’s not real interesting. I do intervals, either on my trainer in the garage or on my bike on Tuesday nights with my team. Once in a while I do a race and place between 7th and 9th. My last race, Ravensdale Road Race, was on May 11 and without a doubt my heart wasn’t in it. As with any individual (or semi-individual) sport, so much of biking performance depends on your mental state, and that day, two days after Ben died, I couldn’t summon the drive and focus to ride as I could have. Continue Reading >>

Just for Fun

A while ago the Boa-Dragon (which Rachel and I found at a garage sale for $0.50) got urped up on. It happens. So I washed it, and since this was during the hot and sunny weeks we had a bit a go, I hung it on the line to dry with everything else.
Boa-Dragon Drying
Not your usual sight for laundry hanging out to dry, huh?

Here are a few pictures I took of Benji while Ian read him a story a couple weeks ago.
Reading With Daddy is Fun

"I LOVE Reading!"

Nom Nom Truck

I'm Just Cute
His mad scientist hair is starting to lay flat. I’ve known this would happen some day, but it makes me kind of sad that the crazy hair phase is ending. Yesterday after Benji’s bath, his hair actually stayed down flat, and even after sleeping on it, it’s just fluffy, not standing up straight like it has before. Aaahhh, our baby is growing up so fast…! Continue Reading >>

Real-Life Very Hungry Caterpillar


Here is a picture I sent to Ian on May 6 of a cute little caterpillar on the keypad of our garage door opener.

A day or two later, I noticed the caterpillar had hidden under the keypad and anchored its head there. It them turned brown, and I thought it had probably died, but I left it there on the offchance it was metamorphosizing.

Every day I checked on it, and it looked the same. Then, today, I looked at it and here’s what I saw:


An empty cocoon! It wasn’t dead! It had just stayed inside for more than two weeks, after which it nibbled its way out, and out was a beautiful butterfly! Continue Reading >>

Nine Months Big


Check it out: 8th percentile for weight! We’re on the chart! At the 6 month visit, Benji barely squeaked into the 1st percentile for weight, so he’s really moving up in the world. Or at least the growth charts.

I told the nurse I was excited for Benji to get a bigger head circumference (to wear a helmet and therefore ride in a trailer) and she said, “Not many people want their kids to have bigger heads.” Just goes to show that we’re not many people, huh?


From Ian: Open Letter to Benji

This blade forged in peace
Never taste of blood
Or drawn in anger,
Or the quiver of fear as the enemy rushes,
Instead to remind, of those blades that have,
so this one might not.

My son,
A great man has passed away. But while he is no longer with us, he will not be forgotten. You share his name, so it is fitting that you have been chosen to bear his sword. You never had the opportunity to know him as I have, so let me tell you about Ben Morrell.

Ben and I became friends when I was ten years old. I can’t recall those early days other than that it seemed effortless. Ryan Palmer was friends with Ben. I was friends with Ryan. It must therefore follow that Ben and I would become friends. We shared a passion for all things computer-related, a love of science fiction/fantasy novels, and an appreciation for absurd humor. Continue Reading >>