A while ago the Boa-Dragon (which Rachel and I found at a garage sale for $0.50) got urped up on. It happens. So I washed it, and since this was during the hot and sunny weeks we had a bit a go, I hung it on the line to dry with everything else.
Boa-Dragon Drying
Not your usual sight for laundry hanging out to dry, huh?

Here are a few pictures I took of Benji while Ian read him a story a couple weeks ago.
Reading With Daddy is Fun

"I LOVE Reading!"

Nom Nom Truck

I'm Just Cute
His mad scientist hair is starting to lay flat. I’ve known this would happen some day, but it makes me kind of sad that the crazy hair phase is ending. Yesterday after Benji’s bath, his hair actually stayed down flat, and even after sleeping on it, it’s just fluffy, not standing up straight like it has before. Aaahhh, our baby is growing up so fast…!

Speaking of which, he’s army-crawling astonishingly efficiently these days. I foresee baby-proofing in our immediate future, since outlets and cables seem to exert a disturbingly strong allure to crawling baby. As does anything hard he could bonk his head on, of course.

In short, watching Benji slowly (rapidly) turn from a slug into a little person is really an astonishing and delightful experience. I’m really enjoying nine months.

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