Our behind-the-back neighbors, who have high-school aged kids, are having a party. I’m all for parties and having fun with friends, don’t get me wrong, but this crowd of solidly middle-aged folks are playing a drinking game.

I noticed they’re getting increasingly loud and rowdy, which got my attention – Benji goes to bed early, and I admit feeling irritated with extremely noisy outdoor activity. So I listened more carefully, and rapidly determined they were playing some drinking game that sounds a lot like beer pong.

Which makes me wonder: What 45-year-olds play drinking games? I thought most people got that out of their systems, oh, in college, say. Am I totally off-base, or woefully out of touch with popular culture?

Anyway, here are the results from the Northshore Road Race. If you can’t read it, I got 2nd, barely behind the winner. Hooray! It was hilly and fun. The only downside was getting stuck for a long time in the traffic for the Skagit bridge detour.


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