Going on a Sunday morning family mini-hike. There are some secret green spaces and an unofficial network of trailsĀ  through them near our house. They feel delightfully cool and shady on a hot day. Also, Benji doesn’t like wearing his hat, so this way he still gets sun protection.


See? Grumpy face! …although he also grinds his teeth, which gives him a strangely lantern-jawed look.


Here is Ian heroically carrying the backpack. I have strict orders not to backpack with the baby unless I want to injure my back more. So all Benji-carrying goes to someone else. This has the side-benefit of making Benji taller than me, which he finds funny (for about 30 seconds, anyway).

One thought on “Sunny-day Walk

  1. The crazy thing is that very soon Benji-carrying will be a thing of the past. He’ll be toddling around and wiggling to get down and explore on his own!

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