…what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Bwahahaha.

Just unearthed these cassette tapes from a dark and dusty corner. They represent so many hours of my childhood, listening to books and playing with Legos, happy as a clam. I guess that’s what girls who grow up to be nerds did when they weren’t nose-in-book directly.

I remember Dad used to come into my room and listen to a Shadow tape with me every night. I looked forward to that time, and always wanted the tapes to go a little longer so he’d stay longer.

I can’t believe how many happy memories come bubbling up, just looking at those tapes. I hope we can raise Benji with those kinds of memories. I guess we have to make deliberate choices to create those times; they don’t just “happen.” But these were the parenting choices that shaped me into who I am today, just asĀ  my choices now will shape Benji.

Really, I can’t believe They (whoever They are) have let us be responsible for this little human being. Astonishing.


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