In Life This Week

Monday: Benji deconstructing Great-Grandma Jane’s kitchen. All those plastic and metal bowls must be separately examined, tossed, banged, stacked, and licked.

Tuesday: Mom took Benji for the afternoon and I took myself on an almost 50-mile ride — so luxurious! I met up with Dad and we had a really lovely time.

Wednesday: No picture because I spent most of the day working while Mom watched Benji again. We also had a landscaping person come in to give a bid on our yard, and I’m sure stuff happened in the afternoon that I just can’t remember. Continue Reading >>

More Baby Science

This Tuesday, Benji got his first ever cold. On the one hand, I’m pretty amazed we made it 14 months without getting a cold before, especially since we play with other babies pretty often (although nothing like the exposure of a day care). On the other hand, I’m horrified to imagine dealing with six to 10 of these every year, which our caring-for-your-child book says is standard. Standard! Gah! Baths, steamy showers, and vaporizers are all well and good, but snot suckers, saline drops in the nose, and constant Kleenex application elicit vociferous objections. I guess crying will help get more mucus out, and that’s good, right? Continue Reading >>

Attacked by the Dreadful Tickle Monster!





All Benji’s attempts to fend off the tickle monster are fruitless. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that he collapses into a shrieking mass of giggles as soon as he senses tickles approaching.

I should also mention that Benji waved bye-bye to the garbage truck this week, causing me and Deborah to almost expire from cuteness overload. Then I got indignant, because he never waves bye-bye to me, or Ian, or any of his grandparents. Only to garbage trucks. Go figure.

Oh, he also waves to himself when I put my phone camera on front-facing mode. Continue Reading >>