Evaluation of Relationship Between Carbonation and Acidity

We have recently become curious about the pH of carbonated water – the kind that only contains bubbles and flavor, but no extra sugar. In keeping with our natures, Ian & I have decided to run an experiment to find out. Here’s what we’re going to do.

Over time, as the carbonation in an open can of sparkling water escapes, the acidity of the beverage will move from more acidic towards more neutral.

2 Cans of La Croix lemon-flavored sparkling water, labeled A & B
Probe for measuring acidity
1 Straw
1 Timekeeping device
Materials for recording results Continue Reading >>

Best Surprise Gift Ever

This is why you should always wave at the garbage man.




Yep, that’s a toy garbage bin, bestowed by Santa masquerading as our yard waste collector. We go out to wave at him every week, and actually followed his truck for a while on one of our walks. He always waves back, and a couple times has activated the arm to amuse Benji, even when we have no bin.

Today when we stepped outside to wave, he stopped the truck, got out, and gave Benji his very own bin, complete with spinning wheels. We shared our cookies and lavished him with many thanks as we waved bye-bye. Continue Reading >>

What Tantrums Teach

As I mentioned previously, Benji has started vocally and physically expressing his displeasure when thwarted in his desires. Triggers include, but are not limited to, not being allowed to:

– Eat crayons, plastic bags, or rocks
– Play on the stairs
– Touch the flame on the stove
– Deliberately pour milk or water onto his high-chair tray and self
– Get out of the stroller halfway through a walk because he’s bored
– Play with my Lego model semi-truck cab
– Carry and nibble Cheerios everywhere
– Eat apples in big bites
– Pull the leaves off my avocado plant
– Play with my bike wheels
– Have everything instantly Continue Reading >>

16 Months is Much Harder

…but also much more fun. I suspect that may describe parenting from here on out, because for the first time, we’re having to actually parent, not merely meet physical needs.

Last week (Wednesday, December 4, for the record), Benji started taking steps. He’d taken a few hesitating, stumbling steps before, but now he deliberately stood still, clearly cogitating hard, and then took some steps. The sunshine burst of delight on his face as he toddled along spoke volumes for how hard he’d worked to achieve that goal. Since then, it’s like this standing-and-walking thing has started really clicking. Continue Reading >>