To Slide or Not to Slide

Yesterday we had our first day that felt truly pleasant: Sunny and mid-60s, which naturally draws everyone outside. Benji and I went to the park, a natural urge on such a day, and met our next-door neighbors there. Their son, Jace, is about 3 months older than Benji, so when they have play dates, I get to see my future. We also have fun having somebody close to Benji’s age to play with right next door.

After exhausting the possibilities of the red wagon, we went to the play structure, where a number of other kids were already playing. This structure has a couple of slides, one straight and steep, the other spiraling down. The spiral slide was quite popular with most of the kids, a fact Benji didn’t fail to observe. Jace slid down screaming with excitement. I could see Benji watching and thinking, “There must be something to this slide thing,” so I slid with him down the straight steep slide. SCARY! CRYING! GAAAH! Continue Reading >>

Still Kickin’

Just a couple quick pictures that make me happy every time I see them. Formerly up in my cube at Charles River.

Katie Wasn't Quite As Nice

Banana Relay

Got lots of life going on, so much so that I’m really too busy to post about it right now. It’s not raining — Benji’s asleep — gotta go attack some of those winter weeds!