Today I sliced three of my fingers while attempting to open a container of sour cream (this may or may not have been a sign to refrain from eating it). I only noticed a bit later when a painful tugging made me check my fingertips, where I was surprised to see blood.


I left the cuts alone, since slices often heal back together easily. This strategy worked fine until Benji came home. Then my scabs spit open from playing (tough life, I know). I got myself a couple band-aids and, while applying them, explained to my rapt audience that when we get owwies, we sometimes put band-aids on them.

Benji immediately pulled up one of his pant legs and pointed to a bruise on his knee, a legacy of his very fun day at Nana’s. Clear as day, he was telling us that HE had an owwie, and HE wanted a band-aid, too! Fortunately we have some Cars-themed kid band-aids, so we ceremoniously applied one to his injury.


Thus it begins.

2 thoughts on “Owwies and Band-Aids

  1. never can have enough bandaids on hand for a child,so cute that he understood and your fingers look bad,must have hurt,was it a plastic container?

  2. Yes, the plastic lid of a Tillamook container. Slid my fingers right along the edge as always, to get a grip to pull it up. Not too painful, though – like a paper cut.

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