Here is chef Benji cooking on the cardboard stove at Nana’s house. I drew this with many references to the real one in the kitchen, so it has lots of details. I don’t know if you can tell, but in the top picture, he carefully “turned” the burner knob while making a ticking/whooshing noise quite recognizable to any user of a gas stove.

The chef likes to make (paper) fish fried in (imaginary) butter, (imaginary) tea, and car soup, all of which he serves on brightly-colored plastic plates. It looks like when I took these pictures, he also cooked some big plastic Easter egg omelette – yum.

He also likes to “pour” tea from the teapot into cups, and then… Oops! -“spill” the tea onto his head. I encourage this because  I figure better imaginary liquids than real ones. (So far this has worked. I keep wondering when he’ll decide to try this with real liquids.)

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