Sneaky, Sneaky




We really enjoy having the park nearby. The playground is a little boring and sparse, even for a toddler, but we can still dig in the sandbox, run around and explore, and most of all, play hide-and-seek.

About hide-and-seek: Benji thinks of it as “sneaky, sneaky,” because that’s what we say when going to hide, or when hidden to give him a hint. He asks for it by saying and waving “bye-bye” to the intended hide-er, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it; he dashes after the person trying to hide and watches the hiding process, then gets all excited at finding the hide-er anyway. It’s very cute. When we started, we could stymie him by hiding behind a door, but now he’s learned to look carefully and almost never needs help to find someone. Continue Reading >>

Riding Grandpa’s Scooter

"Wait, Mommy! I need a helmet!"
"Much better. Now I'm safe!"
"Let's see, there must be an ignition switch around here somewhere..."
"Scooters are fun!"

We’ve had Grandpa Gary’s scooter on loan for a while, and recently Benji discovered he could “ride” it. I told him he had to wear a helmet while riding, and he not only acceded, but now reminds ME to put his helmet on him. Maybe this rule-following thing will continue… A mom can dream, although today at the sand box I asked him to keep the sand in the box and he looked at me, then deliberately poured the sand on the grass. So, still exhibiting normal toddler behavior. Continue Reading >>

What We’ve Been Doing

Short answer: scrubbing and finishing our deck. But here, pictures speak louder than words.

Here it was before:

Benji and Jace modeling the "before" deck.

Here it is after many hours of hard work:

No cute kids, but a much shinier deck.

Last night I dreamed it rained before the deck totally dried and I woke up in a cold swear. Shows what I’m thinking about.

And, for good measure, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Not actually our best work.

This is a narrow section of deck we never use and that isn’t visible from the house, so we started with that area. Learning curve definitely applied on this job. Continue Reading >>

Looks Like Summer


This is from a couple weeks ago when it got really hot for a day or two. Benji didn’t quite get running through the sprinkler, but did enjoy  pouring cups full of water into the grass.

Water play is fun with friends!
Benji decided to double down on the water games and sit directly in the tub. Jace orbited.

These are from yesterday, when it got warm in the afternoon. Our neighbors came over for a bit to play. It’s so fun having a kid the same age as Benji right next door! Sadly, they’re only renting that house, and are already looking at homes to buy. Anyway, it didn’t take long for Jace and Benji to get into water playing. Benji’s shoes and jeans are still wet even after drying overnight. But boy did they have fun – and there was a lot less bickering over toys than usual, presumably because we had a nearly limitless amount of water. I suspect we have lots more days of getting wet in our summer to come. Continue Reading >>

My Son

On Monday, we visited Grammy and went for a walk near her house. Lots of vehicles to point out. They were so cute, walking along holding hands.

Less on the cute scale and farther along the revolting scale, we have a delightful trick Benji has learned recently. Mmmm… lovely view, and lovely for the windows, too.

Here’s what we drew on the sidewalk today, knowing more rain is coming. This last three months has brought so much torrential rain, we’re ready for some nice drizzle, or even some (gasp!) consecutive dry days. But meanwhile we get chalk drawing in between downpours. Continue Reading >>


This week we’ve had a bunch of guys from Bodine Construction Services here working on our crawl space drainage. Normally I wouldn’t get fussed about water in the crawl space, as long as it dries out; but during the extremely wet period of March in which we all turned into amphibians… –as I was saying, back in March I noticed some water seeping through the garage, apparently from the crawl space. That’s when we called Bodine.

Anyway, Monday through Wednesday, Ian stayed home and babysat the house while I took Benji away to do things outside the house. I figured it’d be too darn frustrating for him to watch guys going into the crawl space and not be able to join them. Plus, I worried about the noise interfering with nap time. On those days, Benji and I saw the guys arrive just as we left, so we waved bye-bye and zipped off, leaving Ian to deal with everything. Continue Reading >>

A New Look, and Things I Wonder

Well, friends, after four years of a happy sunrise theme on my blog, I’ve decided it’s time to get with the times and refresh my blog’s look. Granted, I’m not posting 33 times a month (!) the way I did back when I started this blog, and I don’t really have a list of links to blogs or other pages I visit that I want to share because I don’t surf much anymore, either. But I still like having this non-Facebook presence, and at the very least it’s a valuable resource for me, like a public scrapbook. So I’ll be fitzing with the new look for a while, but we’re going clean and modern, in keeping with today’s web standards. Continue Reading >>