There’s construction on the water main. On our best walk in weeks, we strolled over and found a safe place to watch the show. We also watched a digger scoop big loads of gravel, even going up on only the two back wheels. Wow.



We’ve visited our local fire station with Benji three times so far. The first two times the huge trucks were too intimidating, and he kind of hovered near the entrance, pointing with excitement…but too scared to go in. This time he finally got enough courage to let me carry him inside to look up close, and that proved quite exciting. We counted lights and admired the ladder truck with its steering wheel in the back. The firefighters have all been quote patient and kind – they must see a lot of kids.

I didn’t get any pictures of our visit today, but the one above is of him in the hat they gave us.

Oh, and language acquisition-wise, he’s now saying banana, and mixing syllables and vowel noises. So instead of mamama, he’s saying mana or namo. I expect lots more words in short order.

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