What it is:

What I see: Hooray! All our CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays at last out of their random bags, neatly alphabetized and easily accessible, ready for playing.

What Benji sees: Hooray! A zillion objects to pull down, toss around, stack, knock over, and generally employ towards total mayhem.

What Ian sees: Hooray! Our quaintly outdated physical media is readily accessible for me to start replacing with lossless digital copies.

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Actually I prefer physical media. And while we do probably have the hard drive space to store all of our media on, I’d want to build a raid array to keep it on.

  2. What I see is Grandpa Koskovich’s careful craftsmanship of a simple shelf unit, lovingly designing each joint and lip; patiently sanding until the surface is smooth to the touch. May his dedication to quality even in the most humble of furniture items be a blessing now to his third generation descendant.

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