This is what 25 pounds* of freshly-milled (as in, August 13, five days ago) farro wheat porridge mix looks like. It’s grown by a farm in the Methow Valley called Bluebird Grain Farms, and they process and ship it directly to the consumer. I’ve tried several of their hot cereals, and liked this enough to make a big commitment.

I love this farro wheat; it’s delicious, slightly nutty and sweet. But it also has a significant amount of protein (unusual for a grain) and, naturally, tons of fiber as well as much less gluten than other wheat. I’m not anti-gluten, by any stretch, but if that matters to you, this is a wheat that fits with a low-gluten diet. I eat it for breakfast with in-season fruit of any kind and topped with an extremely generous serving of yogurt, but I’m also excited to try the pudding recipe enclosed in this shipment.

In short, nutrition-wise, this is serious fuel that keeps me going on long bike rides or, more important, on long mornings with an energetic toddler.

* In unrelated news, Benji had his 2-year checkup and now is 35.5″ tall and 25.2 lbs. I didn’t get the “compared to other kids percentile” numbers, so I can’t feel irrationally proud and/or bummed at his percentiles. He’s healthy and normal, got one shot, and we were outta there. See you next year, doc!

2 thoughts on “Benji’s Weight in Cereal

  1. looks like it should last a year or so,you need a big bucket to store it in,or3 big buckets,would love a cup to try sometime,Hugs Jane

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