The Little Backhoe Who Was a Big Helper

Edit to add: Bear in mind that this story is for a two-year-old. Toddlers love and need repetition, so if this seems repetitious, well… that’s because it is repetitious. Did I mention it repeats itself? Just so you know, it does that. A lot.

Once upon a time, there was a little backhoe. He was a very little backhoe, but he was a good helper. One day, he went to a construction site near his house and watched all the big construction vehicles doing their jobs. The huge excavator scooped dirt into a gigantic dump truck, which carried the dirt away and dumped it into piles that the bulldozer smoothed out and moved around. The cement mixer twirled  all around the site, pouring cement from his chute wherever it was needed, while the mobile crane lifted beams and things into place with his long boom. The little backhoe was very excited to see all this work, and after watching for a while, he wanted to go help. Continue Reading >>

A Heck of a Week

And it’s only Thursday morning. Monday always feels busy, because I have a work meeting in Bellevue and that compresses all our morning routine into a tighter schedule. This Monday, Ian also missed his bus – it’s a new schedule and new drivers, but also we left late and hit the really long traffic light at the wrong time, so we saw the bus go by the stop as we impotently stood on the other side of the street. Then Ian and I had a fight about missing the bus, Benji got upset, and although we calmed down and talked it through, I spent most of the rest of my morning with Benji explaining what happened. The rest of the day sort of went up from there, but not dramatically. Continue Reading >>