I’m sure that, even if you’re not a parent, you’ve heard about how difficult it is to parent a toddler. We call it having a child in the Terrible Twos, or, a year later, having a Threenager, and there are smoke examples of how challenging it is to manage a young child, including the often funny-because-it’s-true Reasons My Son Is Crying. Enough of that; I’m going to try to start posting regular, if not exactly daily, highlights of our day, with pictures if I can get one.

Without further ado, today:
– The look on Benji’s face when he realized it was stamp time in dance class (also, instrument time is a close second).
– Both me and Benji getting a nap this afternoon.
– Benji feeding the Tube Worm knitted by my cousin Emma pompoms and tea:

– Benji walking up the stairs by himself all the way to the 3rd floor medical center after insisting on taking the stairs. I was sure I’d have to carry him, but he manfully walked the entire way himself, even letting left for have a turn now and then.
– Benji pushing the grocery cart for me in the grocery store – I steered, he pushed. Looked kind of like this:


We had a pretty good day, really.

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