The artist rejects our outdated, imperialistic, and deeply bourgeois sorting methodology. His arrangement speaks to the desire within all human beings for freedom – of expression, of choice, of speech, and, ultimately, to determine one’s own destiny, unconstrained by the rigid mores imposed externally by society. With this installation the artist expands upon this theme using the epitome of banal, everyday objects – common flatware – juxtaposing their very ubiquity and normalcy with the jarring use of chaos and disarray to express rejection of confining, societally-imposed strictures even within the larger cultural dialogue.

One thought on ““Silverware,” an art installation by B. Ferguson

  1. Not only is Benji developing his artistic style, but you have certainly developed your art criticism skills. From your description, it seems that you are ready to follow in Gruncle Gerard’s tradition of leading informal tours at museums and art galleries – peppered with the befuddling commentary that draws strangers to gather around you in awe!

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