…if there’s a difference in deodorant efficacy between shaved and unshaved armpits. I could see it going either way, although I lean towards the theory that shaved + deodorant is perhaps slightly more effective. Why?

Less stinky because fewer hairs for sweat and stink bacteria to adhere to
Less stinky because deodorant goes directly onto skin
More stinky because less area for deodorant to stick

Less stinky because more area for deodorant to stick (all those hairs)
More stinky because hair insulates skin from getting directly deodorized
More stinky because more hairs to sweat and stink bacteria to adhere to

It wouldn’t be very difficult to test this question, but you would need an objective stink-o-meter to measure armpit stinkiness, since (a) you couldn’t ask evaluators to sniff lots of armpits; and (b) human evaluators would be too subjective, anyway. Sadly, I somehow doubt this question will ever be seriously researched, so it’s likely to remain forever in the realm of speculation. Which, come to think of it, may be for the best.

Maybe I’d better stick to posting pictures of us out on our walk on this freezing but gorgeous morning:

"Whatever it is you want me to do, I don't want to!"

One thought on “I Wonder…

  1. Did that adorable little larvae emerge as a beautiful butterfly after your walk?
    You could do the deodorant test on yourself – shave one pit but don’t shave the other!

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