Remember back in March when we started biking consistently to Benji school, and we got a nasty sign put up telling us not to park in the building? At the time, the wonderful folks at Kindering asked the building manager to put up a bike rack. I appreciated the gesture but figured we wouldn’t be around to benefit whenever the each went up.

How wrong I was! Today when we arrived at Benji school (in the car, due to thunderstorms periodically drenching our area) we saw a new bike rack! And it was just in the perfect spot, covered and near the front door.

At left, the new, permanent no bikes sign; at right, the new outside bike rack.

I’m not sure how we’ll park our trailer there right blocking the door, but we’ll figure something out.

I’m just really grateful for a positive resolution. Definitely the best outcome I would have hoped for.

One thought on “Meanwhile, back at Benji school (part 2)

  1. What a wonderful affirmation of the Kindering spirit. These folks have integrity at every level.

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