Bonding over a YouTube video on Ian’s phone, still legit snuggling. Those moments are infrequent these days, thanks to Benji’s Always Going 100% Engine. There is no take it easy in his vocabulary;┬áthere’s either go or crash.

In unrelated and definitely non-cuddly news, I had to get my driver license renewed, and this meant a trip to the DMV in lovely Lynnwood.

While there, I noticed two kids playing. Kid 1 was maybe 3 1/2, and I never actually saw (only heard) Kid 2. When it was time for Kid 1 to leave, he three a huge fit and yelled something probably never heard before at the DMV: “I don’t want to leave!!”

Also, file this under “Extremely Alarming”: Seeing a very old, doddering lady tottering along on her walker, barely able to find which desk to go to… getting her license renewed. I somehow can’t believe her reflexes and cognition are sharp enough for safe driving. As a cyclist especially, I felt deeply anxious at seeing this. She could, most likely, hit me with her car and then claim with complete honesty, “I never saw her,” because she only sees 25% of what actually is happening on the road.

This is why I’m all for mandatory re-testing including an in-car driver test, after people reach a certain age. Lots of seniors are perfectly fine driving, but it only takes one not-fine driver to give me a really bad day biking.

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