… Why does Benji play by himself the best when he’s pooping?

… Why are some foods delicious one day and unspeakable the next?

Benji now says “One more very last (item; i.e., story)” and if you say yes, he immediately says, “Two more.” Then if you say yes to that, he says, “Six more.” Why must we negotiate every single thing? -I think I actually know the answer to that: Because he’s two, almost three, and that’s what kids that age do.

… Do I really say “definitely” that much? Because Benji now says “this definitely police car,” or “this definitely strawberry” for things that are self-evident. It’s pretty funny.

One thought on “What I Want to Know

  1. This behavior definitely age appropriate. I always say that 13 year olds are just 3 year olds with additional hormones!

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