A couple quick things from our trip back:

Benji was a traveling champ, and tolerated all the waiting in line and hustling around and sitting in seats for endless periods of time, all with great tolerance. We had quite a bit of luggage to juggle, between his bags, his carseat, our two bags each, etc., plus needing to have one hand free to hold his hand and make sure he didn’t stray. Anyway, he did super, and just sipped his water whenever his ears felt painful on the ascent or descent. The rest of the flight, we pretty much just read books and ate snacks; it helps that we had a super-fast flight, just over two hours.

After our plane landed, we let him get out of his seat and stand up to look around while we waited for everyone else to disembark. He stood up, turned around, and looked down the length of the plane towards the back. With great sfriendliness, he said, fairly loudly, “Hello, everybody!” to all the people in the back half of the plane. His tone of voice was genuinely cheerful and yet surprised at the same time, a combination you don’t get when speaking with adults much. At least 50% of the other passengers who noticed his comment smiled and/or laughed at this.

Later, at home, Ian went to the store to restock our groceries while Benji and I played with his toys at home. (He came in and called, “Beep, beep, beep [his ‘alarm clock’ sound]! Wake up toys!”) To set the scene here, I was getting ready for nap, and Benji was playing nearby.

Benji: Daddy do nap. Not mommy.
Me: Why Daddy and not me?
Benji: Benji love Daddy.
Me [sadly]: Oh…
Benji [after a long pause]: Benji also love Mommy.

I couldn’t decide whether he was throwing me a bone, or what. But he definitely picked up on my sad-sounding tone and body language, and added the “also love Mommy” in response to that. Good evidence of his developing social awareness, even if it’s at the expense of loving me. (Don’t worry, I’m not really hurt. I know kids go through phases. Plus, I know he likes Ian to put him down because Ian usually takes a little longer, so Benji gets to stay up a little later.)

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