Series 65 Training

I spent all of Monday and Tuesday in a cram class to attempt to pass the Series 65 exam. This test will allow me to trade on clients’ accounts, something I’ll be picking up as one of my coworkers retires in the spring. Alas, this test material is way more dense and intensive than I expected, and I didn’t give myself as much study time as I now think I could have used.

Anyway, after 10 hours of this, I took a break for a walk on the Green River Trail at sunset.




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Things Benji said

We read a story about above and below with Benji. At the end, he said, “Maybe next time story about in and out.” He recognized those are the same class of things. Clearly my nefarious plan to raise a grammar Nazi is proceeding apace.

Also, looking at the train track he made, Benji said, “This track fabulous.”

Finally, Benji got to bring home the class bear. He named it Lindsey, after his favorite teacher from Kindering. We read Lindsey Bear a bedtime story.


Edit to add: I’ve been telling Benji that my Series 65 studying is work and the class is meetings. Today (October 1) I told him I have one more meeting, my actual test. Continue Reading >>

Achievement Unlocked

Today at the park, a nice guy chatting with us asked Benji’s name. Benji said, “Benji — B, e, n, j, i.” It took me a moment to realize that Benji had spelled his own name! Then I was just really surprised. I guess all those times of spelling his name to him are paying off.


He also asked, “Who drive this car?” today when we were all going somewhere together. This is cool because “who” is another of those question words that kids this age are supposed to be picking up. He’s good on “why”, as he demonstrates about 10,000 times per day, and uses “what” perfectly fine. Continue Reading >>

School, for Benji and Me

Wow, this week has gone so fast, my head is still spinning. I’d forgotten how full the week feels when Benji has commitments a few times a week. Through August and September, Benji and I had plenty of time together — perhaps a little more than either of us really felt absolutely necessary. (I suspect this is mutual because the other day, I asked Benji, “Do you love Daddy?” Benji said, “Benji love Daddy more than Mommy.” Thanks, buddy. He then clarified that “Benji love Daddy more because Daddy watch vit-e-oos with Benji.” It’s true, they watch train videos together while Benji sits on the potty.) Continue Reading >>

First Day of Preschool

Benji went to his first day of “big boy” preschool yesterday. It was a half day, so only 9:00 to 11:00, but even so felt like a really big deal… At least for one of us.


Actually, Benji did fabulously: He waited in line, greeted the teacher, and went inside with nary a glance back. He told me beforehand that he wanted to play with the train set, and I could tell he was on a mission. He brought snuggle blanky, his most special, comforting snuggle (our term for comfort/security item), but it ended up in his cubby by the time I got there. When I came to get him and do the picnic with him, he was waiting somewhat patiently in the circle with the other kids, and although he was glad to see me, he really wanted to show me the toys, not get lots of reassuring hugs. Continue Reading >>

What We Have Done Lately…


Waiting at the airport cell phone parking lot for Uncle Gerard to come in, we found a good view of both planes and the light rail. Uncle Gerard stayed for a few days and Benji had a supremely fun time with him, but I didn’t take any pictures.


Benji starts at the new preschool on September 10, but we visited a few times to let him get used to the environment and teachers. He ended up telling me he really liked it because it has a train table.

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Benji in Lake Washington


Today we had church in the park in downtown Kirkland. Afterwards, Benji wanted to go in the water, and we said OK, since we brought his boots along. I told him to not let the water go over the yellow part of his boots, but that didn’t account for squatting down in the water. Silly me.

On a more serious note, later some bigger kids were playing in the water, too, and Benji went in deeper and deeper after them. Ian and I called him back a few times, and he sort of came back. Next time, I’m going to set boundaries – if you go in over the yellow part, we’re going home, period. No pushing the limits. Anyway, he slipped on the rocks and fell on his bum a few times, but one of the girls helped him up again. Continue Reading >>