Today at the park, a nice guy chatting with us asked Benji’s name. Benji said, “Benji — B, e, n, j, i.” It took me a moment to realize that Benji had spelled his own name! Then I was just really surprised. I guess all those times of spelling his name to him are paying off.


He also asked, “Who drive this car?” today when we were all going somewhere together. This is cool because “who” is another of those question words that kids this age are supposed to be picking up. He’s good on “why”, as he demonstrates about 10,000 times per day, and uses “what” perfectly fine.

However, right now he says, “Do Mommy go downstairs with Benji, play trains?” when he means, “Mommy, will you come downstairs and play trains with me?” Sometimes it’s also hard to tell past and future with him, since almost everything is present tense. Past tense is coming in a bit, but future is trickier.

Speaking of futures (and not the kind I’ve been reading about in my financial studying), I am scheduled to take my Series 65 class the beginning of next week, and the exam at the end of the week. At least it’s going to be over one way or another shortly… Although, in the extremely likely event that I fail, alas, the studying must go on.

At least I have a pretty pen to use.


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