In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’ve been telling Benji that my Series 65 studying is work and the class is meetings. Yesterday (October 1) I told him I had one more meeting, my actual test, that morning.

He said, “How many more meetings does Mommy have?”
Me: I hope only one more – today.
Benji: No…I don’t think so. Mommy have lots more meetings.

Later… Turns out that Benji was depressingly prescient. When I showed up at the testing place, I wasn’t on their list. After panicking to the point of hyperventilating and (when I had picked my jaw up off the floor and recovered from speechlessness) stuttering, spending an hour on the phone with the scheduling company, and being a (in my defense, panicky, shocked) jerk to all the testing facility staff, I finally rescheduled my exam for today, October 2.

I can’t remember when I’ve ever felt that way – it was like entering another reality. I knew I scheduled my test, knew date and time, but didn’t have any confirmation paperwork. In retrospect, the lack of confirmation email should’ve tipped me off that something was wrong. But it didn’t.

Then being ready to go, all prepared and having going to a great deal of trouble to arrange everything; that, combined with the anxiety and stress of test-taking (and, honestly, this entire week of test prep) just tipped me over the edge. It wasn’t pretty.

I guess I get to go back there today and first apologize to the poor staff people, whose fault it definitely wasn’t.

And hopefully a miracle will occur, I’ll pass the first time, and I won’t have to interact with those people again for a long, long time.

— Edit to add —

Well, no miraculous intervention occurred. I got a 69%, with my worst scores on the economics and client suitability questions — basically, the things that were heavily emphasized on the test but not as well covered in the book, maybe because the expectation was that a person doing this would, perhaps, have some experience in finance. I’m honestly just relieved to be done for now, even if not as relieved as I would feel to be done for good.

Here’s the math question of the day: If 94 hours of studying took me from 0% to 69%, and I only need to add another 3% to pass, how many more hours should I need to spend to pass?

Oh, and, did you notice that Benji was right again? Creepy.

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