More Thanksgiving Break Playing

Started decorating for Christmas, and do happy to have a mantle for the first time ever!
Tossing rocks into the creek with Jolie and Miss Patty

We spent most of yesterday at my parents house, giving Ian time at home alone, and after nap took a stroll outside. It was still quite chilly. By pure delightful coincidence, we encountered a little girl and her grandma that Mom knows in the neighborhood, and they invited us to join them on their walk to a nearby creek. Benji had been whining and having a difficult day, but meeting his friend and playing at the creek totally reset our mood. We had a very nice time.

Also, on the way to the creek, Benji and I went by a house with a long driveway that had a newspaper at the end of the driveway. Benji said he wanted to deliver the paper to the door, and I said sure. As he did, the lady came out and was effusive in the thanks and praise. She introduced herself and we chatted for a bit. I think it made her day much happier. Continue Reading >>

Doodle Board

Since I have (relatively) so much more free time, I’ve seen a few people talking about the calming properties of adult coloring, and decided to do my own drawings.

Thus, I recently resumed doodling. I’ve been using our table, which is fine, but I’d like to use a T-square, which works better on a sketch board. I just got a board today, and gave it a test drive this evening.


7:05 pm


8:05 pm

I’m enjoying it. It’s calming and I like discovering what comes out. I never know what it’s going to look like until I’m done. Continue Reading >>

Veterans’ Day

Today, I’m thinking of my grandpas, both of whom were veterans. I wish they were still here today, so I could ask them about their experiences. But I’m grateful they were there to serve.

Archie in uniform
Archie Koskovich

George Sullivan
George Sullivan

Dad told me a story about grandpa Sullivan: He volunteered for the Navy in World War II because he was notified he was in the first round for the draft. He figured that’d be better than the infantry. He and another man were being selected for submarine duty, and they flipped a coin for who got it — the other man lost, and went to do it. Grandpa went on to serve doing something with radios, I believe. Continue Reading >>

Series 65, in the bag

You may have noticed that the last couple months I’ve been off the blog radar even more than normal. That’s because I’ve been studying for a professional credential called the Series 65 test. This is the FINRA/NASAA test for investment advisor representatives – basically, the minimum qualification for giving people investing and financial planning advice. That said, I personally would not feel qualified in any way, shape, or form to hang out my own shingle just on the strength of this test. Continue Reading >>