We have been reading Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body , and playing some at being chased by white blood cells. This morning Benji took it to another level and decided we should make a model of the human body.

Now, granted, this does look like a pile of pillows, but Benji’s model actually has:
– a brain (the lambskin),
– a heart (brown square pillow),
– lungs (yellow square pillows),
– oxygenated blood (red blanket) and deoxygenated blood (blue blanket)
– a stomach with green food in it (brown towel), and
– miscellaneous internal organs (other pillows)



We did decide to gloss over excretion and what happens to food waste. Some things we really don’t need to act out.

Sometimes I worry that our kid is getting too much science. But then I think, you can’t have too much science!

3 thoughts on “Benji in the Human Body

  1. The content may be science-related, but what Benji seems to be getting here is lots of imagining, creative use of materials, art, and modeling. Plus he is mastering communication skills and some logic. I’d say this was a good morning at the Ferguson household.

  2. “Ditto” your Mom’s comments. I especially enjoy the fact that Benji is using his imagination, creative skills and communication skills. Science is wonderful, but these other skills will bring color and fun into his life on all levels. Good job, Benji & Katie!

  3. One thing I definitely make an effort to do is to NOT buy specialized toys. For example, Mom found some really cool planet balls, that really look like planets and are proportional size and everything. Benji would think they are beyond cool. But I like that, lacking that, we use our imagination to PRETEND things are planets — and, as a result, we’ve had anything from pom-poms to yoga balls be planets. Anything round and varied in size works as a planet, really. We deliberately choose to use imagination rather than the real thing. Plus sometimes it’s just more fun.

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