We met up with Benji’s “friend” Will at St. Edward’s State Park today. This is one of my favorite parks, but we almost always stay right at the play area — which is super cool, possibly one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, but still not that much fun for mommies. But this time, after hanging out in the almost-empty-of-sand sand area, I managed to coerce Benji and Will into the woods to explore.

See? Hardly any sand.

They pretended to be construction trucks, and had a delightful time for a good 15 minutes. When you’re in preschool, that’s a long time. When Will discovered a hole in a tree that he could stick his stick into, he and Benji entertained themselves for a good while looking for other holes and sticking sticks into them.

Will and his tree.

Benji explores a hole.


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