Today Benji and I planted a rainbow garden. At least, it might, if we’re really lucky, grow into something like a rainbow garden. What is a rainbow garden? It’s what you get when you plant seeds for these flowers.



We started with red up by the house and ended with purple/blue down by the sidewalk. Goodness knows what will actually happen — we picked everything from nasturtiums to delphiniums, entirely based on color (and light/soil requirements). So we’ll end up with a really interesting front yard this year, I’m thinking.

In related news, before obtaining the seeds, we visited the French Bakery in Woodinville for the first, but definitely not the last, time. It really was better that I didn’t know about this place before.


And, at the plant store, we also looked at other things. Especially the water features, which Benji loved and I thought were almost universally supremely tacky.

2 thoughts on “Planting a Rainbow Garden

  1. I can’t wait either! Actually, this morning on our way to school, Benji looked out and said, “Oh no! Our seeds aren’t growing!” We’re going to learn a lot from this.

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