Me: Benji, I have an applesauce cupcake (ie, muffin*, but he has an irrational dislike of muffins) for you.

Benji: No! No! Nooooo! I HATE it! It’s YUCKY!! I want a chocolate cupcake, not applesauce! (Lots more in this vein.)

*I hand him the muffin.*

Benji: Yuck! I don’t like applesauce cupcakes! (Without pausing or even taking a breath) Oooo, yummy, this is delicious! I LOVE this cupcake!

*Proceeds to swiftly consume an entire muffin.*

In unrelated news:



*I’m going to share this muffin recipe some time. It’s actually amazingly wonderful. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit I ate five of them today.

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