These are all from today, since we already shared our amazing planet extravaganza. Today we went to Matthews Beach Park for the first time, meeting our friends the McCurleys there.

Benji said: “Mommy, look, big ducks!”
Me: “Those are geese.”
Benji: “I’m going to go pet the geese!”
"Mommy, I'm going to pet the geese!"


Later, after failing to pet geese but succeeding at getting super wet in the lake, then rinsing off and changing into entirely new clothes, we played at the playground. At first there were a zillion kids there — at least two separate day camps had staked out areas, one near the water and one by the play toys — but for a brief interval the two camps cleared out and left some room for other kids to play.

Benji fell off the merry-go-round the first time, which is why he looks so cautious this time.

Benji found this and said, “This is a while blood cell and I’m a germ!” …but later it just evolved into Benji and the McCurleys just taking turns going through it and landing on each other.

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  1. Ah! The carefree days of youth! These are precious photos, Katie. Thank you for sharing them. Love you.

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