My life is suddenly very, very quiet.

I tidied up the house, and it stayed that way. I made dinner, and nobody lost their minds over how they don’t like beets. I went for a bike ride to do some errands, and it didn’t matter how long my errands took. I baked cookies with Christy, and we had a complete conversation with no interruptions. Janice is coming to clean, and it’ll stay just as she leaves it for days.

…Because the other 2/3 of my family are in (unexpectedly sunny) Seaside!

They drove down yesterday morning, pretty much first thing, leaving me to quietly pick up the house and then read my book until church. Bizarre. My bike ride to church was easier than normal (no extra 50 pounds, I guess), but it was odd attending alone. Coming home, no worrying about nap time; just get some lunch and mosey on down to Redmond with Dad to pick up our RAMROD ride packets.

It all seems delightfully calm, except I really didn’t sleep well last night. That’s how I know I’m feeling disturbed about something, even subconsciously. It’s great to have the time to get everything done, and I’m enjoying it — and it’ll be really helpful on Wednesday and Thursday, as I prep for and then do RAMROD — but I’ll be happy to have the family back too.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to enjoy the peace and quiet, and being able to do what I want (or need) to do whenever I like.

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