Colleen and Jordan came up from California to join us on our San Juan Island trip. They stayed with mom and dad on Sunday night, and they all drove up to Anacortes in one car while we met them there in our car. We only had to stop once for Benji to use the bushes.

First we drove to the ferry terminal in Anacortes, about 1.5 hours. Benji did great.
Then we rode on the ferry, and Benji was a little too loud inside, but clearly didn’t want to be outside.

We had to wait several hours in Friday Harbor for the rental house to be ready. Just as we were asking ourselves what to do for all that time with an already-tired kid, there came to our rescue a drop-in play area that was well worth $7.50 for an hour.

Mom stayed with Benji in a play area while the rest of us walked around. Benji was sold on the play area as soon as he found the trains although mom said he didn’t play there the entire time.

We ate lunch at the slowest (possibly busiest,  – certainly full, but not exactly overflowing) fish and chip place ever. It literally took an hour to get our food-an hour of keeping hyper/exhausted Benji in a seat! Once we got our food, however, he demonstrated the correct way to eat French fries: dipped in first in a milkshake, then into ketchup. This from a kid who thinks plain, unseasoned chicken is “too yucky.”

At nap time, we were able to get into part of the house. I stayed in the room with Benji to help remind him to stay in bed, and at first he was quiet, if not actually sleeping. But when he started tossing blankets at my head, I figured nap was over.

Afternoon went decently well, considering the excitement of the morning. Benji and Ian went to the beach that came with our rental, and then after a rinse-off Benji played until dinner. 

Everyone else played a game after Benji went to bed, but I took a bath and read a book. Good vacation activity.


First thing, Dad and I rode our bikes all the way around the island. Yep. It took well under two hours, even not riding hard.

After we got back and cleaned up, it was time for American Camp.

Tuesday we all went to American Camp, which was mostly boring grass to Benji…

… Until we got to the beach, which was driftwood everywhere.
There were three separate driftwood forts; the best included a tunnel as well as a very nice little room. Colleen, Jordan, and I built another room on the other end of the tunnel.

We also raised the tunnel roof so it was high enough for Benji to squeeze through without getting stuck.
Benji bravely crawled through the tunnel, even having to squirm like a snake for a bit.
Benji loves Uncle Jordan and Aunt Colleen

August 9 is our anniversary, also, so Ian and I are going out to dinner alone. Our bed is in the finished basement, which is fine, except that there’s no door to keep wandering kids out. And the bed is very creaky, again with no door to block the noise. Ah, celebrating our anniversary as parents!

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