Listening to our Pandora station for kids, we heard this song:

Thank you, Pandora, for possibly the silliest song we’ve heard in a long time. Love it!

Benji got his first cold, right on time, three days after his first full day of school; it was massively rainy so I converted my big, outside ride into a short trainer ride; and clearly we were meant to spend all of yesterday playing Legos, building Legos, and sorting Legos. Benji is getting pretty good at building with the small-size Legos.

And then I spent about four hours (!!) in the evening making two apple pies for church. I hope they taste OK.

2 thoughts on “Silly Cat Riddle Song, and Other Stuff

  1. That IS a great song! Thanks for sharing.
    Now I understand why Benji asks me, “Is that a real song, Nana?” when I make up some silly, endless song as we ride in the car or walk along. Clearly, any silly song could be real!

  2. This is such a “fun” song! It would be such a great campfire (real or pretend) song to build enthusiasm for learning new words, and their meanings, as kids get older. A real keeper. This “slightly” older kid really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. The pies looked yummy!

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