Bike Parking Nirvana

My card finally got activated for access to the secure bike cage. It’s like bike parking nirvana, a secure, locked area with lots of racks. Of course, in the interest of “trust but verify,” I did also use my U-lock. But I skipped the wheel cable lock, and I even left my helmet, which was nice.


Nothing makes you appreciate a weekend like having to work all week.

Dispatch from the Weekend

It’s the first weekend after my first week! By Friday, I sure did feel more tired than I have in a long time. Between not sleeping much from anxiety and actually doing stuff out of the house all day (even if just mostly sitting around), I sure was ready for the weekend!

After some discussion with Ian, I did go for a bike ride as usual.

It went better than the previous week, but my leg around the back of my knee is still hurting pretty severely by the end of rides. It’s a bummer, but I trust it will resolve itself eventually. But it was a beautiful day for a bike ride, about 50 degrees and not raining, so well worth going out. Ian and Benji were OK with sticking with our usual Saturday routine, even though I’d spent much less time at home than usual. Continue Reading >>

Dispatch from Day 5

Yesterday was more training, including staying late to see how they do a big update, punctuated with more meetings I mostly didn’t understand. So, par for the course. I did a couple of call-in corporate trainings for variety.

I have been realizing that one of the things about having been at a job for a long time is that you know where to find everything. At my old job, I knew the file system and all the software we used and the credentials for logging in. At this job, I can barely find my desk, let alone navigate a file system that probably isn’t even set up on my computer yet. The job-specific training of super, but difficult to relate to when my computer is literally an empty slate. Continue Reading >>

Dispatch from Day 4

I was going to share some pictures of my work space and general work environment, but yesterday I read the employee handbook and learned that was explicitly banned. Sorry, folks.

I spent much of Wednesday do video training on various topics, with a break for some in-person lecture-style training for variety. The good thing about that is that I had some idea what was going on. The bad thing is that after spending the whole day with sometime talking at me, my brain felt overloaded. 

Most interesting and challenging was the training on performance measurement. At my old job, I just knew we reported TWR not IRR, and that TWR stands for time-weighted return while IRR stands for… Something else.  Continue Reading >>

Dispatch from Day 3

Yesterday, my second day at work, I spent much of the day in meetings, little of which I understood. Starting this job is like moving to a foreign country, where there’s a whole new language and culture, and where everyone is friendly and nice, but they all go about on totally incomprehensible tasks. On the bright side, they have lots of good food.

I have started training on the product itself, getting into stuff I never need as a CSA. Apparently I get to study for a Series 99 certification test, although my boss didn’t seem to care whether I passed so long as I learned something. Right now I’m just going through in-house training videos, which I always have found to be a tough way to learn. I’m trying to take notes and pay attention; but mostly I think I’ll learn as I go. Continue Reading >>

Dispatch from Day 2

These posts will be lagging a day, since I’m writing them on the bus the next morning. Also, I expect my number of typos to go way up, since my phone’s autocorrect so helpfully intervenes at times. (Don’t take this as a complaint about my new phone, by the way – I’m really liking having a working mobile device! It’s going to be very handy now I’m away from home so much more, too.)

So, my first day! It went as smoothly as I could have hoped for, and I think I will like my team and new manager. The office is open floor plan, with minimal little dividing walls between desks. The desks are mostly in clumps of four. My team’s clump is near the bathrooms and kitchen, which is handy. I will have to get used to ignoring people walking by, though; until then, I’ll keep glancing up as my peripheral vision catches something. Continue Reading >>