Here’s a nifty infographic/dashboard-style summary of my biking activity for the last year, as documented on Strava.

It was a good year for recreational riding. I really hoped to get to 8,000 miles, but although pneumonia intervened (ha! Look at that entire row representing most of December that’s practically blank!), I’m pretty happy with my total riding. I got to do Mt. Haleakala, RAMROD and P2P, plus 7 Hills of Kirkland Century, Flying Wheels Summer Century (memorable thanks to finishing the last half as a singlespeed), and some great rides with Dad, including Mt. St. Helens (two words: chip seal) and Orcas Island/Mt. Constitution. What a great year!

I have Ian to thank for all of those hundreds of hours I spent away riding. Without his consistent and sacrificial support, my graph wouldn’t have nearly so many data points. I’m so grateful that, even though he thinks I’m nuts, he still actively supports my riding.

Next year I’m guessing will look very different as we reach a new equilibrium with my working full-time downtown. No training for RAMROD, no mini-rides commuting to preschool, no Wednesday night hills. It’s going to be all steady commuting with hopefully longer Saturday rides thrown in — maybe, depending. Time to break out the lights and panniers and put that commuting helmet back on. It’s going to be interesting.

Meanwhile, here are some photo highlights.
Top of Mt Haleakala, Feb 2016

Ready to ride to preschool!

Singlespeed for Flying Wheels

Katie & Joe RAMROD 2016

Mt. St. Helens

Top of Mt. Constitution

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