At school they are doing “woodshop” with the preschoolers. I remember when we looked at this school, seeing pictures of the kids doing woodshop, and I vividly recall thinking, “Gee, is that a good idea? Letting 4-year-old kids use hammers and drills?” Well, here we are, and although he didn’t use a drill, Benji did use a hammer and a LOT of glue.

The fun thing was that Papa Gary volunteered to help with the activity, so he and Benji got to have fun with that. I expect a lot more wooden “treasures” from here on out.

Woodshop Creation

Woodshop Creation 3

Woodshop Creation 2

Woodshop Creation 1

I honestly feel like these could practically be some kind of modern art. It’s got that aspect of randomness that makes you think there should be order there, if you just look carefully enough. Ian guessed that it was a kitchen, which seems like a good guess, but honestly Benji just seems to have had a blast with glue, golf tees, and colored wooden blocks.

At the moment, we’re pretending the wooden “treasures” plus some wood and tile scraps from the garage are a Micro Machines obstacle race course.

Micromachines Obstacle Course

In unrelated news, it’s been clear and cold for a long time. The sunrises are beautiful, and Benji’s getting to learn about ice. This is also the first time, to my knowledge, that he’s ever willingly worn anything on his hands. He still has to figure out where to put his thumb, but it’s progress.
Sunrise Jan 13, 2017 - 7:40 am

Exploring Ice Footprint

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