Yesterday was more training, including staying late to see how they do a big update, punctuated with more meetings I mostly didn’t understand. So, par for the course. I did a couple of call-in corporate trainings for variety.

I have been realizing that one of the things about having been at a job for a long time is that you know where to find everything. At my old job, I knew the file system and all the software we used and the credentials for logging in. At this job, I can barely find my desk, let alone navigate a file system that probably isn’t even set up on my computer yet. The job-specific training of super, but difficult to relate to when my computer is literally an empty slate.

So much for training.

I left work late, as I mentioned, and then decided to take a different way home. The pervious times I biked, I rode to Fremont through downtown, and then along the trail from there. Previously I had mapped out a route that went down to I-90 and across the bridge, then up through Bellevue and Kirkland. Both routes came in at 21.7 miles (plus or minus 0.1 miles), so I figured I’d switch between them for variety.

I didn’t take into account that the Fremont route had a total of maybe 400 feet of climbing, of which the hill by my house comprised 300 feet, whereas the I-90 route had 1300 feet of climbing. Plus, it involved going through Bellevue, where drivers don’t like bikes, and involved many more stoplights and intersections. 
Overall, the I-90 way took 5-8 minutes longer than the Fremont way, and I worked way harder for that pace. So: perfect for when I need to start doing hill intervals. Otherwise I’ll likely skip it.

On the docket for today: more video training. Hooray!

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