I sure do appreciate Friday more now that I’m working. But I’d probably enjoy when’s a little more if we didn’t have a wake-up call at 6 am no matter what day it is. I wonder if I could convince our human alarm clock to wait until 7 am on weekends…

So, this week. At work I’ve been working on documentation for an off-cycle release. Normally the chaos of release time comes every 60 days, and we had a release at the beginning of the month. Alas, due to some client expectations, we get a “bonus” release next Tuesday. 

Added to the challenge of my first release being short and rushed, both my boss has been out of the office for much of the last two weeks and the project manager in charge of the release was on vacation last week. My technical writing co-worker also had several days out. All this left me with a dearth of resources when it came to figuring out what the heck to do.
I’ve done my best, but needs to say, I’m glad this release only has one feature to write about.

This week I also tried commuting home a slightly different way, getting off the trail a little sooner and going on roads the last few miles home. I hoped that it would be faster, since the last 1/2 mile of my ride is a good, big hill. The alternative way still went up a hill, but spreads it out over a couple miles.

The best thing I can say about that way: it’s different. I didn’t think about the fact that it has stop lights, while my usual way doesn’t; it’s about a mile longer; and it has grouchy drivers. It took me about 5 minutes longer. I don’t see myself using that way very often.

Last but not least, this week has been midwinter break for Benji. Mom and I took him Monday, which I had off work. Mom also did half of Thursday and today (Friday). Tuesday and Wednesday he went to daycare (“for lunch we had meat circles!” … Whatever the heck those are), and Thursday morning was a playdate with a friend. Meanwhile, Ian has been fighting a cold and feeling very under the weather.
Taking this job certainly hasn’t made life easier. But I’m loving the job and overall my satisfaction with life has gone way up. I’m grateful that our family is able to make this work.

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