This week is spring break at our preschool. Normally this would mean extra scheduling at daycare and shuffling of other childcare planning, and my trying to minimize time at work so I can get home to relieve Ian.

This week, however, we do something totally different. Mom took Benji to California for two nights to visit our family there, while Ian and I find ourselves footloose and fancy-free for two evenings.

Last night, on evening one, we splurged on time and watched an entire 90-minute Classic MST3K. We enjoyed salmon for dinner without any whining, and that’s it. Pretty exciting.

This morning I had thought of sleeping in – I normally get up an hour early so I can get all my stuff done and still have time with Benji in the morning – but instead I just left for work an hour early. This may not seem luxurious, but having the freedom to choose – that is luxury.

Tonight we plan to go out to dinner and maybe play some board games, our idea of a date night. I’m looking forward to it.

I had forgotten how easy everything is when I only have to take care of myself. But at the same time, things are so quiet and so flat, completely without the surrealistic absurdity so effectively (albeit unintentionally) propagated by our little person. I’m not yet tired of the ease and convenience, but it wouldn’t take long for me to start missing the kid in our life.

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