Saturday morning I did a bike ride with Dad. The weather held fair, so we rode fast bikes, and fortunately the group was pretty mellow. Even so, we only did 65 miles of the stated 82-mile route, and that was good for me, too, because I got a cold from Benji and was definitely not feeling frisky.

But with riding to and from the ride, I ended up getting in about 82 miles anyway, still my longest day of the year so far. But May is coming, and that means we start riding centuries. I’d better avoid any other cold viruses!

Hat Weather
Saturday I got to break out my hat for the first time this year. I wore it to weed the front yard, also for the first time this year. That really needed to happen sooner, but hey… the weeds are happy to wait for me to get to them.

Sunday was Easter! Christ is risen — He is risen indeed!

We’ve been talking about Easter a lot, reading the Easter story with Benji. He’s acted it out with props at Mom’s house many times. I think he gets it. On Easter morning, I drew on the daily board a picture of a sunrise with “Happy Easter!” written on it.

Benji came and modified it to this:
Easter Chalkboard
On the left-hand side, Benji drew Good Friday, when Jesus died. He drew dark skies and a tomb with a rock still in front. Then, on the right-hand side, he drew a tomb with the rock rolled away. (You do have to use your imagination, as with all art at this age.)

We had an okay Easter church service, but unfortunately, due to a pervasive viral infection shared by four of our family, we had to cancel our planned family dinner. Instead, we took a long nap at home (two of us, anyway), and then Benji and I went back to my parents’ house for the afternoon. We walked to a nearby elementary school and played on the playground for a while. We even had a fun walk home.

Easter Dash with Papa

Easter Walk with Nana

After dinner, Benji drew some planets. Because what else would you draw, I guess.
Easter Planets

It wasn’t the Easter we planned, but it was probably the Easter we needed. Everyone is feeling a little healthier this week, I think.

That’s good, because on Thursday I have my first publish to production at work, which means staying late at work.

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