Since my last update, I’ve mostly spent the time feeling really lousy. Benji, Mom, and Ian all got a nasty cold that consisted mainly of a really sore throat, bad headache, aching neck, and general exhaustion.  

I thought I’d dodged that bullet, but evidently not; my bullet was just delayed for a while. It was nasty enough I even took one day off work. The really under the weather feeling took a solid seven days to go away, and only yesterday did I start feeling a little perky again. Unfortunately, I’m not better: the coughing remains, and kept me awake most of last night. Which is a real bummer.

 Fortunately, I still have an Albuterol inhaler my doctor prescribed when I had pneumonia, and she confirmed I should use that when the coughing gets bad. I was concerned it would keep me awake last night, so I didn’t try it for a long time, until I realized I would be awake anyway from coughing. So I tried it and finally got to sleep. Next time I won’t wait!

That illness kind of dominated our weekend, so we didn’t get much done and Ian didn’t get any time to chill. Now I’m on the mend, hopefully both of those will change.

Speaking of on the mend, the weather seems to finally be realizing it’s spring. We had a lovely day over 70° yesterday, our first in more than eight months. The tops of my knees actually saw some sun, which was shocking for all I’m involved!

Alas, that was likely a fluke, and we’re back to rain again this afternoon. After 45″ of rain since October, I wish we could send our water somewhere else where they need it. My rain/commuter bike has gotten lots of miles this year, and I’m hoping when I finally switch to the fast bike, I’ll actually be fast thanks to all that resistance training.

There’s lots of other stuff going on, but it will have to wait for another bus ride!

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