In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.

John 1:4

This time of year, it’s dark. We are down to less than 9 hours from sunrise to sunset, and it’s so cloudy that even midday feels like dusk.

I especially notice the dark when I’m commuting home on the bike path. The trail isn’t lit; some places have ambient light from nearby roads or houses, but some sections are practically pitch dark. In those places, my light literally is all that keeps me safe.

I recently replaced an old light, whose battery was on its last legs, with a new and very powerful light. It’s impressively bright.

The other night, I commuted home with another guy who was going to Lake Forest Park. This happens occasionally when I’m going about the same speed as another longer commuter. It’s nice to have company, and sometimes extra motivation. This particular time, as we rode through the darkest sections, the guy’s headlight went out. We rode the rest of the way to Lake Forest Park side by side, literally sharing the light.

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