Tune your ears to a world of Wisdom; set your heart on a life of Understanding.

Prov. 2:1-ish

I wonder where levity and silliness fit in to the world of wisdom? This is a non-hypothetical question because today at work we have a white elephant gift exchange.

I’m bringing a plush rainbow unicorn and a bag of unicorn farts. I’m excited about this gift because someone may like it…but probably whoever gets it will have a good eye-roll. I’m interested to see how it goes.

People are still talking about last year’s best/worst gift: an unopened Costco-sized jar of mayonnaise, just ready to expire. I am pretty excited to see what comes out this year.

Then, tonight, Ian and I are definitely not following the path of wisdom: We’re going to the opening night of the new Star Wars movie, in a theater entirely rented out to our friend Ryan and his guests.

We still have to go to work the next day, but I’m trusting it’s going to be worth it. If nothing else it’s so fun going to opening night of a movie with a crowd of people super excited to see it.

I’m not sure what world of wisdom might be found in all this, but perhaps there’s something. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

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