I don’t want to give the false impression that everything is 100% rosy and cheerful around here all the time, but Christmas Day and Christmas Eve have had some pretty great moments interspersed between the incredibly overwrought shrieking and imperious demanding most frequently propagated by our offspring.

Boy did Benji get a lot of books for Christmas. In fact, he really only got one toy, the Lego set we gave him. He also got a new backpack and lunch box, which is nice, but not exactly fun to play with.
Books for Christmas

Atlas Jigsaw Puzzle Book

Lighthouse Lego Set

Artifishial Legs

Ohmygoodness it is actually snowy on Christmas Day! What!!
Christmas Lights Under Snow

Christmas Day Snow Play

Christmas Day Snow Play: Follow My Tracks

We had planned to visit the Fergusons today to do Christmas stuff with them. That’s indefinitely on hold, in the hopes that warmer weather will make roads more passable. We want to avoid this, which is what Benji and I saw on our snowy walk this morning.
Somebody's Having a Tough Christmas
Benji: “Mommy, look! These cars are connected together!” They sure are, buddy. They sure are. And we want to avoid doing that with our brand-new car, so: Staying home is now Item 1 on the agenda!

And… I don’t always have time to do art stuff, but when I do, I like to make collages.
Christmas Collage 2017

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