We greet you in the grace and peace that comes from God the Father and our Master, Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:2

I’m in need of a little extra grace and peace, as today’s bus driver treated me with unnecessary contempt.

I’ve taken my bike on the bus every work day for the last year. I think this qualifies me to know how the bike racks work on the bus.

Normally, the clamp aligns with the wheel holder, and the bike is held upright. Today, the clamp was somehow misaligned, so the bike was forced to lean to the side a bit when in on the bus. I took my bike out of that holder and put it in a different spot.

When I mentioned this to him, the bus driver dismissively told me, “It’s supposed to be like that.” Didn’t even ask what the issue was. Just knew I couldn’t be right.

It bugs me to just be dismissed quickly and out of hand, without even an attempt at understanding. Is this because I held the bus up, switching my bike to a spot that operated normally? Because I’m a cyclist and bus drivers don’t like us? Because I’m a woman and can’t possibly know how this thing works?

Grace would say, eh, he’s probably in a hurry to stay on schedule; it’s nothing personal; let it go.

So I’m going to let it go.

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