I’ve set myself a goal of what I do on the bus every morning, and one of those things is write a blog post, no matter how short. In general, I just want to resume a little more consistent posting.

The last week, however, my bus rides have been busier than usual. I see many of the same people many days, and if I end up sitting next to one of those people, we’ll often chat. That happened a number of times in the last week, plus of course having Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The bus ride home, which I avoid as much as possible, I usually just read a book. After a day of writing, I usually want a break.

Like I said, though, I avoid the bus home as much as possible. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the amenities of the new 520 trail across the bridge. Over the weekend, we got some spectacular sunny, warm weather, but now we’re back to our regularly scheduled January.

Yesterday I rode home with a friend. I estimated that at least a couple billion rain drops hit each of us over the course of the 20-mile ride. It was serious rain, the kind they have in movies with huge drops that soak the protagonist in no time flat.

In movies they don’t usually show the time when the protagonist is forced to ride a bike though a deep puddle filling the entire bike lane when an unfortunately timed car goes by. They also don’t usually show the wave of cold, filthy water inundating the protagonist when a car drives through a deep pothole filled with water at just the wrong moment.

And they definitely don’t show the half hour of hanging up dripping, soggy gear, followed by a night of hoping said gear will dry by morning.

Good thing. That’s a boring movie idea.

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