The season is changing. We get to watch it happen a little bit at a time when we go to Bridle Trails, a wonderful benefit of consistently going to the same place every week.

Last week, we noticed the first pussy willows and carefully petted them. We also saw our first flowers — it reminded me that I want to get a plant identification book to bring along occasionally.

We keenly anticipate the arrival of trillium flowers, as there’s a trail in the park called the Trillium Trail. Benji seems to be under the impression that we will only see trillium on that trail and nowhere else. I hope he’s in for a surprise! Continue Reading >>

The Geopolitics/Diplomacy Game

I think I’ve mentioned that countries have replaced planets (mostly, for now) as Benji’s area of interest. This is slightly more interesting to us, too, because after three years of planets we had started scraping be l the bottom of the barrel as far as planet books for kids go. There are lots, it’s true, but we also read lots.

Anyway, we’re on to countries of the world! Benji has spent hours poring over our old have of Take-Off, which hails from my childhood, and consequently he’s learned Europe with West Germany and Yugoslavia, etc. He invents different games about countries, like having one in each continent marked that we have to guess. Continue Reading >>

Dollars and Sense: Book Review and Response

Ian got this book from the library after hearing an interview with the author on NPR. Long after, actually, given the wait time on new library books… Anyway, he read it and what he told me about it convinced me to read it, too.

I like to think we make reasonably good financial choices. We try to save some, after all, and we love within our means, not gathering a lot of debt.

What this book did was open a window into how we–all of us–think about money wrong almost all the time. The book explored the behavioral psychology of financial decisions, spending most of the time covering the pitfalls we all make. Continue Reading >>